"Discover how to reprogram your core belief systems to produce an environment of creativity and freedom will empower you to happily create any version of life you desire."

At Pat O'Bryan's UnSeminars this environment is created for you. Protect it fiercely with the:

"UnSeminar Environment Maintenance Kit"


From the desk of Chuck Pennington,

Kingwood Texas


Take a deep breath and relax for a moment. As you read each word on the page feel your body begin to relax more and more.

As you take another deep breath through your nose, feel your chest rise and as you exhale through your mouth release all of the tension in your body.

Your mind and body are now working on your behalf to create for you a wonderful environment of inspiration and creativity.

As you imagine yourself only a few moments ago, you realize that even a few relaxing breaths can produce a wonderful change in you.


What if you had an entire set of easy to use tools that would help you instantly produce and maintain this wonderfully creative environment?




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My good friend Pat O' Bryan understands the power of the inner game when you're embarking on any kind of transformation.

That's why he creates his "UnSeminars" to be more about the environment and connections that about the information.




And that's why I keep going back to Unseminars...It's the environment.


The environment that is instilled into you during an UnSeminar is precious and yet it's so difficult to maintain when you get back home and face the onslaught of the day job, family and friends, the media, and your old self-talk.

Your mind is the most powerful natural resource on the planet. You have the power to create wonderful changes in your life starting from right where you are this very moment.

Learn how to harness this power and have fun creating the changes and achieving the goals you desire.


"Learn to Play Your Mind Like a Guitar"


And just like a guitar, even the most accomplished musicians must make sure their instrument is in tune each time they play.

The tools you will find in your "UnSeminar Environment Maintenance Kit" help you keep the beautiful instrument that is you, in tune.



Can you begin to reprogram your core belief systems by the way you answer one yes or no question?



Find out how your "Human Operating System" is programmed by your internal and external language.

Specifically how you answer a few questions for yourself truly creates your core belief systems.

Your core programming or beliefs systems are responsible for how you process life. Discover everything thing you can about how to use your "Human Operating System".





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Do you really need to catch some Z's?


This cd is for you. There are binaural tones recorded into this cd that will take your mind into a delta wave state. The natural brain wave state of deep, deep sleep.

This one will knock you out and allow you to maintain a deep restful sleep.

The quality of your sleep will dramatically increase allowing you to awaken refreshed and ready to embrace to day.






This Alpha wave brain entrainment CD is great for when need to relax or learn with out falling asleep.

An alpha wave binaural beat keeps your mind tuned to the harmony of receiving knowledge while the rain and crystal bowls keep your mind occupied and relaxed.

The crystal bowls and a spring Texas rain shower combine for this wonderfully relaxing CD.




Learn how to apply Love and Gratitude into your life.





And allow me to show you how using love and gratitude can increase the joy, happiness, and sense of well-being you feel about your life.

Turn your chaotic, stress filled thoughts of lack into Harmonic Thoughts of love and abundance.





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What you will get from the "Unseminar Environment Maintenance Kit" are the tools necessary to keep that creative, inspired feeling going when you get home. No matter where you are and what action you need to take you need to have clear relaxed mind to make the best decisions and take the most inspired action.

As you use the different parts of the kit you realize you have the absolute, irrevocable power to create your "Portable Empire" and the life of your dreams while you have a blast doing it.

This is a little video I did for Pat O' Bryan after Unseminar 7...and yes, I was at 8. Were you?

Even if you weren't, you can have that fresh Unseminar feeling by getting instant access to the "UnSeminar Environment Maintenance Kit" right now.

Imagine having full creative license and all of the inspiration you require to artfully sculpt the life you desire.


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Only $47






And thanks to all of those folks that bought one, y'all are awesome.


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